Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A few quickies

I recently found a little lifehacky site to offload birthday reminders. I want to avoid forgetting things, so feel free to enter your birthday (year optional, if you're shy) and have a machine kick me annually so I won't forget. Yes, I'm sure some of you would like a machine to kick me at some regular interval. [EDIT: link fixed]

You may have heard of a game variously called Werewolf or Mafia (BGG, WP). It's a social game, with one side trying to win over the other. Evidently, middle schoolers in New England can't handle the truth. Heaven forbid that children are exposed to anything potentially disturbing! [EDIT: link fixed also]

The Picayune has a nicely uplifting Post-K tale (alternate link) about a couple who opened a restaurant I want to explore, Cafe Arabesque.


Drey said...

The link to the birthday site is not there. I assume you meant to add a link.

goulo said...

The link to the werewolf news site is not there. I assume you meant to add a link.

SquishArt said...

I use google calender to remind me of birthdays :)

Yehuda said...

Great find about the Mafia game, Mischa.