Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Math Trade, begone

Whew! I've moderated a giant trade for BGG.Con again this year, and it has finally closed. What's a Math Trade? I'm going to steal the words of Yehuda and call it a "massively multiplayer online trading experience."

The con's in just over a week!

NaNoWriMo total: 2877


Pete the Brit said...

I thought of joining the math trade but a) I still find them oh so confusing and b) Trade away a game? But I might learn to like it! I might actually play it!!!

See you next week at the Con!

MyUtopia said...

I am really excited, I am ready for a fun vacation. It will be my last one sans baby for a long time! I am pretty happy with Dan's trades, it should be interesting to see how it will work our logistically. Hope your writing is going well! See you a week from tomorrow!