Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Alan Dargin is dead

The wikipedia, along with other Australian news services, have the news. The famous Mills list broke the story for me.

This news had me feeling pretty low over the last two days and really quite sad right now. He was one of the first didj players whose name I knew, and his Bloodwood album was first didj CD I ever bought, back in the day of record stores, before the days of MP3.

The man was forty. I've never been to Australia, I never had the pleasure of hearing him in person.

I sat on the porch for a time tonight, cold and beset upon by strong winds- how very appropriate, I felt. I brought out my didjbox and played, in time with the wind, in time with my own heartbeat, playing a little for Cat to listen, more for nobody to hear.

YouTube provides:

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