Friday, February 15, 2008

Valentine's Day Dining

Figaro's reopened last week. They've been closed since the storm.

Cat and I knew that we had to go, and soon. We weren't regular regulars, but we ate there perhaps once every two months or so. It's nice to have a neighborhood Italian restaurant that lets you eat some slow food.

We made a date for Valentine's.

To start, we had the famous Figaro's Terrine, a layered pine nuts/cheese/sun-dried tomatoes/magic/some other cheese/pesto/goat cheese/love/sun-dried tomatoes with crostini bread.

Then, salads: a mixed greens with almonds and vinaigrette for me; a most excellent spicy garlicky real Caesar for Cat. The only better Caesar I've had that comes to mind was made tableside for me.

Entrees: Portobello stuffed ravioli in a light alfredo sauce for her; a sherried chicken in penne for me. Naturally, we shared. All was delicious.

We had a lovely slow dinner on the patio. It took us maybe two hours to eat; the server warned us that they were slow, operating with a limited menu and reduced help in the kitchen. I know that I saw the owner hustling back there, and I don't think they had more than two servers for fifteen-twenty tables.

Step by step and bite by bite we come back from the land of LAMRON.

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