Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wear clothes with your videophone

I'm trying out Skype to chat with my brother in Austin, and I'm pretty pleased with the audio and video quality. You sure can't beat the price. A buddy of mine uses it to talk to his mom in England.

I've got a MacBook with built-in camera and mic, so I could walk around the house and yard while chatting, showing off the dog and construction and the like. I really should get a BlueTooth headset to keep this up.

We're seriously talking about playing a board game or two over this, which rules.

Anyone else out there using Skype?


Drey said...

I use Skype for video conferencing, but it isn't something I have running all the time.

the little girl that could said...

I have Skype and love it. It comes in handy when ppl miss class and want to be skyped in ... and I used it to talk to home when I was in Vienna this summer ... It's great. I still use it to keep up with my Vienna friends. :)