Saturday, February 09, 2008

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday seemed to prove the old adage about bad things coming in threes. Today, on the other hand...

Today, my man Simon lent me his old Sony Ericsson T68i with plenty of gizmos: a camera attachment, an analog converter, even a German power adapter in case I happen to travel in the next little while. Luckily, T-Mobile had already unlocked his phone, so it was a simple matter to slap my SIM card and bam, phone service. A few minutes of convincing my laptop and my phone to play nicely, and through the miracle of Bluetooth, I had all my contacts.

Today, we also hit up the Saturday farmer's market in the Warehouse District; I had plans for exactly two things: red lentil balls and whole milk from Smith creamery. I made out with no lentil balls, some fresh tamales (cheese/jalepeno and veggie), my coveted whole milk straight from cows, a slice of Cajun bread pudding, a taste of mango popsicle, four bucks worth of incredibly delicious and fresh spinach, a free Lexmark all-in-one, and an almond praline variation called "Nipples of Venus."

Today, I hacked at a borrowed AP. Finally I have a working (and legitimate) wireless bridge on a nice, strong signal. Hooray, tubes.

Today, we arranged a fivesome for Fury of Dracula (BGG, BUY ME!). Bennett arranged to be Drac, and Margaret, myself, Leslie, and Daniel teamed up to stomp his fanged self. The game dragged a bit in the middle, but we seriously weakened him with our use of allies that hurt him while at sea and when he used some of his powers in combat. Margaret came down and killed him with a stake very close to Leipzig. Go, Team Hunter!

Today: we once again have water. Hot water, cold water, running water. The sink is refreshing. The toilet is a relief. A shower is glory.

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