Friday, December 16, 2005

Flood Washington

The Gulf Restoration Network has an campaign to generate 300,000 email messages — one for every displaced Louisianian — demanding category 5 protection for New Orleans and Southern Louisiana.

I don't like to bring politics here too often, but the President stood in Jackson Square three months ago and swore that "this great city will rise again." Three months later, much of the city still has no power and most of the people have yet to return. This form will send an email to your congressthing for you. Please take the minute or two and participate.

If you'd rather buy swag, check out:
Proud to Swim Home
Those Bastards (scroll down for Nagin and FEMA)

There's tons of stuff on CafePress: Got mold? Still proud to call it home, FEMA Trailer Trash... it's all good.

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