Tuesday, December 20, 2005

It was a good day

My day began with a Dr Pepper.

No ordinary Dr Pepper, mind you, but the rare and wild Imperial Cane Sugar variant, also known as Dublin Dr Pepper. Short story: Blah blah corn syrup blah blah cane sugar. Real story: In the 1970s, everyone started switching to the cheaper corn syrup for their carbonated beverages. Those stubborn (and right-thinking) folks from Dublin, Texas refused to convert over their Dr Pepper plant to the new-fangled nonsense. In short, when you drink an Imperial Cane Sugar Dublin Dr Pepper, you're drinking pretty close to the more than 125-year-old recipe. And damn, does it taste good, with a wonderful rich smooth flavor. Thanks to the power of the Intarweb, you can buy it online. No, I'm not shilling for the company, I just want to spread the goodness.

After dropping off Cat to intern as a locksmith, I watched Rob Zombie's great little horror movie called House of 1000 Corpses- Never fear, there's a Nickel Tour in the near future. (Mom, don't watch this movie.)

Next, I dropped my car off at the brake shop. I actually had a decent customer experience in a mechanics' shop, can you believe it? My wallet didn't fare as well as my morale, but better to spend a little now and fix the problem than a lot down the line to fix a bigger one, right? Thank you FEMA money! Wheee! Trivia: One of the mechanics told me that he once had a $9,000 brake job on a truck of some kind. I think at that price point, I'd start thinking about a new car.

While waiting for the brake technicians to finish, I met Francois and had Indian buffet for lunch. I also got to geek out a little about games. Huzzah! Mmm, Beef vindaloo and naan.

My local gaming shop also called to let me know that my Fudge dice had come in. Yipee! Funnily enough, I had once tried to order these from another game shop, and to this day, I'm convinced the clerk thought I meant dice made from a yummy confectionery, instead of for the Fudge RPG.

After picking Cat up, I came home to find that my print copy of Dogs in the Vineyard had arrived via USPS. Here's a big shout out to Vincent- Hooray!

To wrap up the evening, I went to a coffeeshop, had tea, and got to geek out some more with Scott. Hoody hoo!

I didn't even have to use my AK.

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