Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Roast beef poboy, dressed, no lettuce

Today I ate well.

Lunch found me at Gene's New Orleans Style Poboys & Deli, very near to a friend's house. I absolutely envy the ability to walk a block or two and get a poboy any time you want. Gene's a New Orleans native and an Austin resident some five years and change. Pre-Katrina, he made trips back to the city to get ingredients. Maybe next time I'll get breakfast and sample their grits.

I had coffee at Flightpath later- they make a blended beverage from CDM coffee & chicory. The barista who served me used to live in New Orleans, though I think he moved here before Katrina. I mentioned to him that I finally had a decent poboy- and of course, we started talking food- but he first asked the telling question of a New Orleanian and their poboys: "How was the bread?" A poboy ain't a poboy unless it's on real French bread. It's just not right on subway-style bread. The crunch in the crust is part of the overall aesthetics of the sandwich.

Gene got good bread. I'm ready for another one.

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Rotten Deadite said...

Hey, is We Never Closed still open or did they get wiped out?

I so totally mourn the overstuffed oyster poboy. I got one recently at some fancy seafood restaurant in Atlanta and it was all "special sauce" and like four friggin' oysters.

And when I asked for it dressed the guy gave me the funniest look...