Friday, January 06, 2006

Everything old is K-RAD again

First the secret masters decided that we would find cool sixties-era revolution, hippies, tie-die, and so forth.

In the last few years, we've seen the powers that be start to move their reinventing timeline forward, as the seventies started to hit contemporary movies and television, clothing brands, and design trends.

Now even though I've seen the eighties start to pop up at Hot Topic, with kids (and by kids I mean the under-twenty set, mostly) snapping up rediscovered eighties pop culture such as Saturday morning cartoons they've never seen, Nintendo games they've never played, and even as a valid period piece setting for new movies, all this time I've had blinders on, not truly realizing the desperation by those needing to reenvision brands. Maybe you thought the writing was on the wall with new Bewitched movie, but no.

I just read (Thanks for the intel, Robin!) that Disney (You know 'em, you love 'em!) has plans to repackage/redo/revive/remake/remarket classic Devo music with a new band, "Dev2.0" [sic], for the pre-teen crowd. You know, for kids. Disney. Devo.

I have seen the signs- well, I've seen the music video. (Warning: WMV.) Go ahead and look at it- you know you want to, and I'll wait here.

Does it not seem ironic (and I mean ironic, not witty or cool or amusing or any of the dozens of other connotations the word has acquired) that the Disney Corporation chooses to reuse a geeky, punky, irreverent band for this? I mean, it's Devo. Oh, to be a fly on the wall for that meeting.

    "Sir, we want to make more money."
    "Capital idea, Crenshaw. How?"
    "Well, Marketing has this idea to find some brand or franchise — we're thinking a rock group band this time — that nobody else has yet, buy it, then release it as new."
    "Hmmm. Not very imaginative."
    "But wait, sir- I haven't told you the clever bit."
    "Tell me the clever bit."
    "We use kids."
    "We already do that, Crenshaw."
    "Yes, but in this case, we'll use kids as the performers."

I mean, what will we see next? "Never mind the Mickey, here's the Mouse Pistols?

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