Wednesday, January 04, 2006


I got a job offer via a gaming contact, and my mom admitted that gaming had some merit. Double w00t! More details tomorrow.

Today marked the second session of my Dogs game for the so-called Renegade Roleplayers of Austin. This session definitely rocked in a good way, as we all became more familiar with the rules, each other, and I got over a few of my GMing issues.

I can pretty reliably do about 4-5 minutes of continual circular breathing on my new didjbox. Huzzah!

I borrowed and did not buy two separate games for research. For the curious, I nabbed both Burning Wheel and Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay (first edition). I leave the focus of my research as an exercise for the reader.

Greylight word count: 1847
Birthday countdown: 6!

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