Wednesday, January 11, 2006

No lottery for you!

I bought a lottery ticket yesterday.

I don't often play the lottery, usually only buying a ticket on my birthday and when the jackpot gets stupid large- say, over $100 million. All told, this puts the price of my incredibly out-of-control gambling addiction at something less than three or four tickets per year. A friend of mine says that he pays his dollar a week for the right to daydream. I don't need to pay to daydream, but like most of us, I have a few big-ticket dreams on how I would change the world given a large chunk of cash.

If I do ever win a lottery, thanks to the Rotten Library (Note that the link is work-safe; as to the rest of the site... not so much), I know how to protect my anonymity- or at least how to start. As the man says, "Fifteen million dollars is not money. It's a motive with a universal adapter on it."

Oh, well. I'll have to put off my travel and charity founding and funding of a few major motion pictures. Maybe next year.

Greylight word count: 2529

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