Monday, January 09, 2006

Wet Paint

There's an old saying: Show a man a sign that says "Wet Paint" and he has to touch it. Tell him there's a million trillion billion stars in the universe and he'll believe you.

Today, they painted the stairway banisters to match the relatively new paint job of the rest of the complex. The smell pervaded the complex to the point that it even spread into the apartment. Not that I spent the day breathing paint fumes, mind you, but to the point that I noticed it throughout the day. One of the banisters had bright yellow caution tape strung up to prevent people from walking on the paint job. Naturally, I had to touch the paint to see if it was still wet. Like so many times before, no dice.

Walking back up our own staircase, I idly ran my hand along the banister as I ascended. Of course there was no "Wet Paint" sign or caution tape or strobe lights on the stairs nearest out apartment, and of course the paint was still wet.

luckily, I only got a small few touches of paint instead of a handful.

Greylight word count: 2232
Birthday countdown: 1! (presents, e-cards, gift certificates, cash, donations in my name, leave comments even!)

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