Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Completing things

Getting off your posterior and starting a task doesn't mean as much as when you don't finish the thing. Back in my internet bubble startup days, my then-boss had me pay attention to my actually completed (and therefore deliverable) tasks.

Lifehacker has a good article on not reading your email first thing. Horror, you say? Give this one a read, and see if it applies to any lollygagging on your part.

Yehuda gives a succinct rundown on one of his groups' game nights, but instead of focusing on the minutiae of the played games and scoring, he gives an overview of what has to happen to pull off a successful night. Yes, there's a schedule, but there's also a sense of focusing on accomplishing play. Maybe that sounds a little off-putting, but consider your garden-variety party, and try to recall when you saw the host or hostess having as good a time as you.

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Marc Majcher said...

What do they suggest if you spend all day reading lifehacker?