Friday, July 07, 2006

Why I don't play MMORPGs (part n+1)

A short article in this week's Escapist sums it up nicely with the title: Drudgery.

I want to play. I don't want work in my play.

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arsagano said...

I just wanted to comment that I was pretty unimpressed with that article you linked. Firstly, her game is Lineage II. I didn't think anyone actually played that game. I beta tested it, and I've spoken with many people that tried it. It's a poor excuse for a game, not to mention an MMOG.

Secondly, she played a healer class (in a poor MMOG at that). That class is known to be the most boring as they do pretty much sit, heal, and chat.

Granted MMOGs are not for everyone, but this article should not be something that reaffirms your decision. That's like saying I'm glad that I don't drive because I read an article that was written by someone that drove a yugo for a while and hated it.