Friday, July 28, 2006

Why I don't play MMORPGs (part n)


That's the real reason I don't play Massively Multiplayer Online Games, Role-Playing or not. I already don't have enough time to play the games I want to play, or to devote to the things I want to do. I juggle hobbies like the rest of us, and it simply comes down to the fact that I don't want to sink any of my 168 hours per week into a computer game that requires regular doses of labor. I'd rather sink hours into Grand Theft Auto, or to writing my own games, or to face-to-face roleplaying. I don't even spend enough time playing my didj.

I don't want to have the excuse of "oh, I better go grind at WoW since I'm paying for it" to stand in the way of my getting things done.

Do you have enough time to do everything you want? How's that time travel belt coming along? Got a cure for sleep or death yet? If so, hook me up.

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