Sunday, May 28, 2006

Clean Install


Some of you may remember the oft-opened FrankenMac and know that I now have the as-yes-unnamed new MacBook. I've been working lately to get all of my data onto one machine, pulling info from Windows and Mac drives, CDs, and copies of floppies. Most of the videogaming stuff now lives on my loaner game box, Trogdor (don't ask, the machine came with the name).

As such, I'm preparing to sell my iBook. As much as I'd like the extra hardware to play with; I don't require it, I'm sure someone else could use it, and it would help offset the cost of the new one- and who couldn't use a spot of extra money?

I had an interesting conundrum in reinstalling on FrankenMac due to its changed hardware. How do you install an operating system off a DVD when you don't have a DVD drive? Where there's a will (and a geek or two), there's a way. The advice they gave me worked like a charm. I'm even going to be able to reset the patched, etc. system to its out-of-the-box state.

I'll give my loyal readership first dibs. Does anyone want to purchase a G3 iBook? Contact me for details.

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