Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Katrina in your face

Some time ago, a good friend sent me a link to Chris Rose's commencement speech at Ursuline Academy. Chris Rose writes for the Times-Picayune, the New Orleans newspaper, and Ursuline is a parochial girls' school, the oldest in the US, founded in 1727.

Rose's speech it worth reading- it might make you smile, or mist up a little, but it moved me; I wonder how you will feel?

Tonight, we're going to be interviewed by a UT student about our Katrina experiences. I'm not sure what we'll say or what they expect- our story isn't made-for-cable doom.


MyUtopia said...

I hope the interview goes okay. You can totally reem me out if it doesn't work out.

pc said...

....DAMN.... I totally relate to what he said in that article. I remember when i returned to Rita's aftermath and the devistation there was ridiculous and I religiously watched Katrina. Dear God what are we going to do after this season, the predictions are 5 major 4 or 5 category hurrincanes to hit Texas or Gulf Coast this year.*** Hope the interview went well ***