Wednesday, May 17, 2006


Most geeks know (or should know of, or should at the very least have met someone like, or potentially aspire to be like) the Bastard Operator from Hell, aka the BOFH. Those who don't should be aware that computer administration is stressful to say the least and that said administrators often have conflicting views and agendas with the users they support. This can lead to further stress, cruelty, or amusement, depending on your perspective.

That said, let me give a shout out to PC, the man from the trenches still over at D'hell. His latest post on supporting users will make you grin. Also, I want to encourage his blogging by sending him a few readers. (I'll let him answer what the PC stands for.)

For more amusing facets of tech support life, I've enjoyed Computer Stupidites.

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pc said...

Computer stupidities is quite a wonderful site.