Saturday, May 20, 2006

Ice cream social

I spent Friday afternoon serving root beet floats to elementary school kids.

The company I work for, Xilinx, allocates money for its offices to spend on the local community: art, science, miscellaneous, and I forget the other categories. My office has adopted a local school, Dawson Elementary (home of the Dolphins!), and sponsors events and donated computers and the like. Thursday, the office admin asked me if I wanted to spend Friday afternoon working in a fluorescent-lit cubicle reinstalling Windows or to frolic in the vicinity of excited grade-school kids not in class and give them ice cream to support their annual sock hop. I think I thought it over for an entire second. Maybe two- one to process and one to decide.

For about an hour and a half I and a coworker's wife scooped ice cream and handed the cups off to get imitation Coke and/or root beer poured by my other coworkers. We had a little assembly line that would make Henry Ford proud. I also had a festive green plastic lei for some reason. (Lei = Sock hop? I don't pretend to understand.) Instead of a root beer float I had an Amp (Mountain Dew's energy drink) float to keep me going. After the haze of ice cream, my body craved vitamins and healthful food, so I met a friend for lunch and ordered a spinach salad and an empanada.

In an interesting stream of existential connectivity, after open gaming at Great Hall I ate at iHop with Marc to do some post-gaming geeking. Our waitress had a kid at Dawson elementary and I had evidently given her a root beer float and we got excellent service and hooked up.


catzmiyow said...

"iHop" . . . you're very adorable. ;)

pc said...

Amp Float??? SWEET!!!!! Can't wait for that. Breakfast of champions or at least hyper people!!! I am going to come to work from now on just after eating or drinking (which ever works best) one of those and terrorise EVERYONE. Muuhahahaha!!!!!

THE P.C. HAS STRUCK AGAIN (watching the horse's butt as P.C. is riding off into the sunset)