Monday, April 17, 2006

Death of a stranger

A woman died on my lunch hour today.

I left the office for lunch with a coworker. We went to Maudie's along the 360. On the way back, we passed the scene of a hit-and-run between a bicyclist and two vehicles. Evidently the first vehicle clipped the bike and stopped, but the second one drove off after running over the anonymous cyclist [login info].

Driving past the congestion, I saw an ambulance, a fire truck, at least three police motorcycles, and at least four police cars. I also saw a human-sized bundle under a blue sheet that flapped in the wind. I think I saw the bike, too.

When I do count the clock...

I know that people die all the time. I know that right now, now as I write this and now as you read it and now as someone else reads it in the future, now someone has just died. It could be anywhere in the world or just down the street. Death sucks.

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