Sunday, April 30, 2006

Nickel Tour: My Science Project (1985)

Here's the nickel tour:

The Netflix fairy brought me this old flick, mostly because we had recently seen Real Genius and The Manhattan Project. There's a certain genre of sci-fi that we don't see in this day and age very often- the semi-wacky sci-fi comedy. (No, the new Hitch-hiker's movie doesn't count.) usually you've got the kid/Trickster figures, a number of cop/Authority figures, the sympathetic wise Teacher and the weird Mystical Science Widget. Maybe we're ultimately better off with less eighties movies being made. My Science Project falls firmly into the category of the kind of movie you only like if you watched it as a kid and liked it back then so therefore it has nostalgic value and you enjoy watching it not for the content of the movie itself but rather for the positive associations that you recall from watching the movie when it first happened into your life. I give it a "Might be worthwhile for to see Dennis Hopper act like an ex-hippie."

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