Saturday, April 15, 2006

Frozen water with sugar and flavor

I just had a snowball.

Some of you might wonder how I managed to get a snowball here in the desert, but some of you are likely nodding your heads in understanding. Cat and I ran by Casey's New Orleans Snowball stand and each got one frozen tasty treat. (For you non-natives, imagine a larger Sno-Cone with more smoothly shaved ice and thicker syrups with more flavor options.) So many choices- Dreamsicle, chocolate with condensed milk, bubble gum, ice cream, even Hurricane-flavored... I settled on a raspberry and blackberry mix; Cat got a sugar-free wild cherry. We also talked food a bit with the eponymous owner, Casey.

No pictures, sorry. We ate 'em too fast.

Now to get started on the first of several backlogged games postings.

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