Wednesday, April 05, 2006

New John Varley book!

I just found out that a new book from John Varley came out yesterday, Red Lightning. It's a sequel to Red Thunder, a story about getting to Mars in a very unlikely fashion. Plus, there's a Cajun as a supporting character. I'm about to drive out right now after dinner and buy it. I may follow in Cat's footprints and re-read the first one first.

If you haven't read Varley before, do so. I don't mean to appear like a total sell-out here (see the ad below), but his books are really that good. I've bought stuff sight unseen because his name is on it.

If you want to get started, I strongly recommend the following - not necessarily in order: The John Varley Reader (a book of short stories); Steel Beach and then The Golden Globe (life in the solar system after humans are totally wiped out on Earth, but way better than that); and, of course, the Gaia trilogy: Titan, Wizard, Demon. If you can find something out of print by him in a used bookstore, snap it up. On the other hand, as the man says, the three Gaia books are back in print and he can get royalties again.

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