Saturday, April 08, 2006

Didj Day Delight, Apple Anticipation

Another meet of the Austin Didj Group went down today. One fellow showed up right as i started to wonder if anyone would show up. He had wanted to get in on the didj goodness for some time, but logistics prevented. He had also never played before. While I gave him my semi-standard "play a didj in five minutes" spiel, Robert showed up with his awesome two-legged didj (which looks exactly like this), called variously "The Twins" and "The Lady." As luck would have it, one of the random parkgoers that our trio attracted happened to already own a PVC didj, but didn't know how to play it. So we became a foursome, a-tooting and a-buzzing.

Most of you know that I've had my eye on a new laptop (not just a portable) for some time. I found a few helpful posts on Apple's forums that helped me restore some of my performance, freeing up drive space with Monolingual by wiping out unused languages. I just read an article over on Think Secret that tells us to expect a widescreen consumer laptop, the MacBook, in the next month or two. Instead of buying a used or refurb now, I plan to hold off and buy a new new new one.

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