Sunday, April 02, 2006

Quicky Web Clicky

Okay, I've got two of 'em for ya.

First, Optimus Prime. You know him, you love him. Some fan made a really awesome computer-generated rendering of the eighteen-wheeler Transformer doing his thing. If you like you can check out the low-res YouTube version or scope out the hi-res video links as found in this forum.

Second, Google Reader. Zang. If you've already hopped onto the RSS bandwagon, you must check out Google Reader. It's a nifty web-based aggregator. If you're not already living la vida RSS, you might want to consider looking into it anyway. In a nutshell, RSS is kind of like the tickertape at the bottom of CNN on steroids: you get the headlines, and can read the full article if you want. Of course, it doesn't have to be news or even anything respectable. I've got a mishmash of other blogs and news and reviews in my list that will now follow me wherever I may be in the wild and wooly internet.

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MyUtopia said...

I love, love google reader. I am using it right now!