Tuesday, April 25, 2006

An Expanse of Emotion

The incomparable Yehuda has outdone himself recently. Thanks to the joy of RSS and catching up on my reading, he has made me laugh at a music album devoted to Cheapass Games (the company, not the phenomenon), cry by passing on the tale of Fred Basci on Holocaust Remembrance Day, and tremble with fear (or something) after watching a 1980s-era D&D television commerical (WMV, what can ya do?). He also reminded me of the weekly The Escapist journal/zine/magazine/collaborative blog/place to think about games and game culture.

More-or-less unrelatedly, I've picked up Raph Koster's A Theory of Fun, a sort of Understanding Comics for the game set. Even more unrelatedly, his original keynote was presented at the 2003 Austin Game Conference. Notably, I got the book through Amazon from with a used textbook sticker on it. All this helps me look at my back burners and stir some mental pots.

Oh, and mom: The Boston Globe has an article that calls blogs essential to a good career.

Enjoy the links!

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