Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Nickel Tour: Brick (2005)

Here's the nickel tour:

My brother and I got out of the theatre about an hour ago. You need to see this movie. Brick is a noir film set in a modern-day high school, but this is emphatically not a teen movie- instead a blend of non-direct narrative and 40's grit, all dark and seamy and hard-edged crime drama. I'm not saying it's perfect, but it's a hell of a ride as the story unfolds and the plot is revealed by our protagonist, Brendan, easily at home in a hoodie and denim as his predecessors in trenchcoats and fedoras. Don't believe me? As of this writing, the Tomatometer gives it 74% fresh. Josh alleges I showed him this trailer months back, but I know I saw it while I still worked at Dell. Heck, go watch the trailer yourself and tell me what you think. I give it a "I need to see it again" and a "I wish I could run a game like this."

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